Top 10 attractions in Bali

Top 10 attractions in Bali

Good accommodation, comfortable transfers, and exciting sightseeing are what every travel company would provide you when you book a vacation. However, does that complete your sojourn? Of which you plan for so many days, take out time and travel all the way to a different land. Give it a thought! This is what we are here for. Our agents suggest you extraordinary things and unexplored places that you can add to your travel plan. We convert your regular robotic itinerary into a lifetime experience.

Below are 10 things that you include in your itinerary when in Bali:

Infinity Pools – If you want a celebrity style feel of an extravagant 5-star resort pool, you don’t have to actually stay in one. A lot of Resorts offer day in passes for non-residents, providing you access to there Lavish Pool. Also, most of the day pass includes credit for food and drink that can be used while enjoying the pool.

Infinity Edge Pool

Gunung Kawi – Gunung Kawi is an incredible temple built into a hillside. Between lush green forests of Bali.  The entire complex was actually built in the 11th century as a massive tombstone for the king and his family. The incredible tombstone is surrounded by beautiful rice terraces and is definitely worth exploring.

Gunung Kawi

Jimbaran – Jimbaran Beach is famous for remarkable sunset and fresh seafood. Jimbaran has a surprisingly unique combination of luxury resorts within an authentic local community. It’s a great area to relax, have a seafood dinner on the beach, visit the local markets and spend the day at the beach.

Sunset at Jimbaran Beach

Tegenungan & Padang Bulia Waterfall – Bali is known for its waterfall. These two waterfalls are mesmerizing. Tegenungan is the most visited waterfall, however, Padang Bulia is by far one of the unknown waterfalls that is truly magical. Padang Bulia is unexplored and is definitely a photographer’s dream.

Padang Bulia Waterfall

Balinese Gate – Balinese gate is a very popular tourist spot and photographers destination. This gate falls on the way back from Padang Bulia and you can mix it with Padang Bulia in a day trip together.

Balinese Gate

Gili Island – Gili Island is not in bali but is located about 2.5 to 3 hrs by speed boat from Bali. Gili Island has no cars and only paddle bikes are allowed here. This basically gives you an idea of the pace of the island. Everything is very relaxed. The accommodation and food prices are slightly on the higher side. Gili Island has good nightlife as well. They have snorkeling tours. So sit back on a recliner and enjoy the Bali famous beer “Bintang”. Mallias Bar.

Gilli Island

Kuta – Kuta is the most westernized part of Bali and pretty much the nightlife capital of Bali. Kuta is known for Great shopping at local shops, has everything from McDonalds to Starbucks,, has both affordable and high-end accommodation options and is near to the airport. Kuta also has the famous “WaterBom” water park and Famous Indian restaurant “ Queens” located.

Kuta Bali

Ulluwatu – Ulluwatu is in the very southern tip of Bali and one of the best things about  Ulluwatu is that you have a much quieter environment and some of the restaurants are built on the side of the cliffs giving an amazing view of the ocean. There are some iconic sites in Ulluwatu like the famous “ Ulluwatu Temple”.  This destination should be a must visit on your list when you travel to Bali.

Ulluwatu Temple

Nusa Penida – Nusa Penida is the hidden gem of Bali. It requires a 45-minute travel by Ferry and this place is something out of a dream. It has insane Natural Beauty and is very quiet. Though it is little harder to get to and is suggested mostly for adventure seekers.

Nusa Penida Bali

 Tanah Lot Temple – Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves; Tanah Lot Temple is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons.

Tanah Lot Temple

Mind blowing, isn’t it? Best part you can include all these in one tour. Allow us to create a custom-made package for you. As a travel partner, we can take care of even the smallest detail in your package. Want to know the details? Fill in the form below. You can also download the city app or customized app by the developer. Happy Holidaying! Thinking about a holiday in Bali? Just Fill in the below form and one of our Travel Goal experts will get in touch with you.


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